Fashion is everywhere

the best look of the evening 
juicy couture &classic jacket? I don't think so.

beware of the robber))


On the 30th of March, my architect-friend Kris and I went to the presentation of   "Martini" company in
the center of the city.  At the end of the presentation the banquet hall were served delicious desert and wine, with a lot of other tasty food. The place was full of beautiful decorative components &various people. Fashion  isn't  something that exists in clothes only. Fashion is in the food, in the street\home, in ART,in glass of wine...Fashion is everywhere.


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  1. ахахах ))) фото в туалете крутое!! :)))

  2. будьте бдительны, в туалетах одни грабители))

    ты не представляешь, как я смеялась, когда фотографировала это)

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