It's a problem to find  gray nail color in Ukraine. I was looking for it  for a long time. If anyone likes these colors it is GOSH. Advise.

I had  a wonderful weekend. From Friday, when I returned  home with a Hawaiian garland to Sunday with barbecue. Parov Stelar concert was amazing. Everyone were there, but me. It’s a great pity to miss such concert, but I attended another one the next day. Not so good. But that's nothing compared to Saturday, when rock band played over my head at “Ciro's Pomodoro” restaurant. But it was great. Noisy, fun with good company. Elka, I still remember about my limanchello gift )
Like this dress, it helps me when I don’t know what to wear. Like such maxi- dress very well and not just because it is the trend of the season.
Have a good work week and more than a good weekend.


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